You have great eyebrows

I now gathered a pile of live drawings done from over the last 4 years. Usually I was trying to instigate drawing sessions amongst friends to practice.  Each pose to draw would be quite fast, around 7 - 10 minutes, because the blood circulation would run flat, staying still and posing is kind of strenuous. 

Now I can very loosely play around with these pictures on procreate on my iPad. I do not wish to loose the drawing touch. 

I managed to get cash together for this awesome investment (the ipad) last Christmas, where I drew portraits 4 days straight at the Xmas event Heilige Bim Bam. With the hard earned money from each portrait, I later walked to Sihlfeldstrasse 53 and BAM paid cash for my ipad!

Very First Entry.

Hey, welcome on landing at my first Blog post.

This blog, is actually for me to keep track of myself, drawings and thoughts so they not not just wander and disappear in piles of scrap papers, boxes, computer files and moving houses. 

 I was going to post some of my corona time sketch book drawings. But that’s now irrelevant. Statues commemorating slave traders, warmongers and confederate generals are being torn down. The world had to have a pandemic, where people were made to stay at home, no events, no sports, no work, to then see the veil lift up to why Black Lives Matter. White asses like mine are digging inside, do I want to bury our shame and hide? The push has come to shove, my childish illusion of flower power is not action. ”Let the sunshine“  is not my place to sing the song when bullet holes are accepted as a key hole to light. 

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